It wasn’t a White Christmas

Travel, University

Christmas has come and gone and I spent it at home this year. One thing is for sure, it was absolutely different. A different type of chaos, a different type of noise, a familiar but new atmosphere, it was just different.

My last Christmas at home before I left on my adventure, was spent with family and so was this one, but something about it was vividly different. This year I spent it inside, on chairs unwrapping present after present, eating food around a table, something my heart has always know as Christmas, but I almost felt… lost.

It was no train riding, mountain climbing, loaded backed potato eating kind of Christmas, and there was family missing, family in heaven, but it was the kind of Christmas that we usually had… at home.. with a tree.. wrapped presents.. and a turkey on the table.


I have to admit though, these Christmases will always be here, but Christmas around the world is an experience alone, and I miss the hustle of the airports, I miss the stamping of my passport and the taking off of the plane.


Im home for now, but I’ll be off again soon.


Here’s to the next adventure,

In safe travels!


Meg xox