Shine Bright Like the Sun Little One

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In Canada I hold a very special volunteer position, or I guess special to me. This position has not only just opened my eyes to the world that those with exceptionalities face, but it has driven me to come further in pursuing what it is exactly that I want to do in life. My last day at this placement after two years was sad, not only for me, but I know the staff at the Children’s Centre felt it too and the families that I had interacted with over my two years there. The kids may change every year, but that doesn’t mean we stop seeing them in the hallways or hearing about them and how they are doing once they have entered the school stream.


I do believe it may be time for another adventure POS->GEO

I left the centre when I made my final decision to study abroad, and I don’t regret it. I miss the kids and the joy and excitement that it brought to my mornings each week. The smiles on their faces as they walked through the doors into the program, the laughs that these kids could make at the smallest things, that regardless of what was happening in the world outside these kids glowed, the light they radiated was bright. I knew that there would always be a place for me to go back when I get home, this year off was only temporary, I’m still in touch with the supervisors about all my adventures, and I plan to visit the centre upon my return to Canada, but I couldn’t take a full year off. I needed to find a way to get involved while I was abroad and make a difference here.

There are kids out there with differences, exceptionalities, and stories to tell.


Four out of Five of the children in this photo are deaf. They all live in the small village in Falmouth that we visited.

They need a  little extra push to help them shine bright and get their story out there!

There wasn’t much to do in the first semester and it was hard to find ways to get involved. I may be living in a third world country, but finding the paths to get involved where I want to make the differences is not easy. It was challenging but that didn’t stop me.

When the second semester started, I was registered in a class that had a field work component; a trip to Guyana to do research in the deaf communities. I didn’t really have expectations, and I didn’t know what that was going to bring, but I knew this is where I wanted to be, this was what was calling me. 29683884_1016894311798566_6363272643804459038_nThe countless hours and time put in to prepare for this trip, to fundraise to help support us in getting to Guyana, made the results of the trip worth it. Click here for a video of a young girl learning sign language during one of our fundraising events.

We knew we were visiting a small village where most of the family from the oldest generation to the youngest were deaf, but we really didn’t know much else about them. It was getting here that I realised even though I was only spending one day here, I could leave the impact that I needed with them.

I met S, a 12 year old girl living in the village who is deaf. Her language is dying. The village she lives in has its own sign language, its own form of communication, but a functional form. It’s not just gestures at each other, it has a functional number system, days of the week and communicative forms, but it is dying. It is dying because hearing people are coming in and deciding that rather than trying to learn HER language to communicate with her, they want her to learn and different language to make it easier for them. It’s not about her anymore, it’s about the convince and easiness for the outsiders who interact with her, and who aren’t willing to go the extra mile to communicate in her language.


Through games that can use her language S and the others from the village can learn and develop their skills just as any other kid out there! But there needs to be people willing to learn her language in order to help foster that language development

When I saw her communicating naturally it was beautiful, it is something that needs to be preserved for her and for the future generations in her family. To allow them to have the most natural form of communication that they can to easiest communicate. People who interact with her need to be willing to communicate with her in her language so that she feels comfortable to. She has a language and it is being killed because people are not willing to learn and understand it because it makes them uncomfortable and this isn’t fair.



This is something that happens in travel though and I think this has been the biggest lesson and relatable stand point during my travels.11222010_1018360751651922_2038292822171314567_n

When you travel remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable, it is designed to make its own people comfortable – Clifton Fadiman

We see all these places while we travel and are abroad, and it is not designed to make us as the traveller comfortable. If it was life would never really begin, because life really begins when you are outside of your comfort zone. This is the same with S and the language of her village, it is designed to make her comfortable and we need to adapt when we interact with her.

Sign languages are a vital part of our society, they are the tools and communication for those who are deaf, we as the hearing society cannot be the reason that these languages die. There are already a number of factors that contribute to dying languages, there isn’t need for another one.

29683563_1018360701651927_5759662588522547649_nSo go abroad, do the things that scare you, push yourself from your comfort zone and get involved. It is the best way to really fully experience the culture and the country that you are in, but ultimately remember you are the traveller. It’s okay to feel out of place, but don’t try and make others change to make you feel comfortable, embrace the differences that travelling brings to you and grow from the experiences it leads you on.


For now it is on to the next adventure. That’s it for this one.


In safe travels,


Meg XX

It’s not goodbye, until next time!

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My final night in Europe, I spent it in London again. I was going to head to Colchester to stay with my friend, but decided it was a bit too far and not worth it with how much time I really had, so the good ‘ole Kiwi I met in Poland offered a space in his place for me to crash for the night, quite close to the tube station.

I met him and dropped my bag and then we decided to check for dinner – and this girl was real tired because as we got on the bus, I checked my purse and thought I lost my passport – we had to turn around and go back to his house. As he pushed the button to stop the bus, and we stood up I saw my passport on the ground in front of me, it was really time for bed.




We grabbed some pizza for dinner, and than headed back to his place to hangout for the night. There wasn’t much to do it was late and I was heading to the airport pretty early.


Europe really was a blast, heading back to reality was certainly not what I wanted to do, but the opportunities to travel and see the world for Christmas was fabulous. There will always be more Christmas’ in Bowmanville, Ontario, this was the Christmas to enjoy being abroad and seeing the world.


To finding myself, growing and coming back changed!

That’s it for the Europe segment, but until the next adventure!


In safe travels,


Meg XX

Prague was Czech(ing) me out

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This is a wrap everyone…  Well okay almost, I did go from Prague to to UK (London) for one night and then back to Barbados for a few hours before officially landing back in Trinidad, but Prague was the last place that I spent more than 24 hours in.

I had a pretty early trip to the airport but with everything factored into accounts, I wound up in Prague around dinner time, and this was the first time that the hostel I was staying at served Gluten free anything so dinner and a cider from the comfort of my slippers (o.k. not quite, I don’t even have slippers in Trinidad with me, but I didn’t have to bundle up to go find something to eat).

Much to my surprise though, this hostel was well booked with people, and they even upgraded my room (woo!). There was a large group of students there, young ones at that, but hey a way to make friends… Or not, later turned out they were kind of young..

My first day started out like any other in any other country, and I joined the free tour. Lucie from Good Prague Tours ran my tour, and it was fantastic! They ran a promotion for the Prague castle, and since I was living the Disney Princess life, and didn’t have any other plans and it was the end of my time in Europe, I went ahead and spent the money for the tour and it was 1000% worth it, read my review on trip advisor here.


Just a few things from Lucie

  1. If you need to find a house in Prague, someone will tell you to look for the “house with two armadillos” so for my Canadian friends, it’s not like at home where when you ask where you live, you’ll be told 123 Street Drive, it really is about as good as the directions I get in Trinidad… Cue directions from I guy I met just before Christmas – the Green house with Loud music…. and when I showed up, there was no green house (it was blue) and it was silent…
  2. If you don’t drink Beer, Prague or the Czech is not for you
  3. See number 2
  4. See number 3
  5. Continue to see the number above until you reach number 2….

She wasn’t wrong about number 2 though, Prague is supposed to be known for it’s beer, and she was shocked about my inability to drink it.

After lunch we headed up the castle. Honestly this whole trip really opened me up to the history of different countries and the interesting stories that these tour guides really can tell just to gain the interest of “tourists” to get them to want to continue to explore the world that is out there

Lucie timed our castle tour just right and we were up front and centre for Prague’s changing of the guards, which was neat because I had seen it during my 12 hours in London, but I actually couldn’t see anything, so being so close was rather cool!

The final stop was the John Lennon wall and the Charles Bridge, Lucie went above and beyond and brought spray paint for us to put something on the wall that would add to the graffiti already there.

I spent my next day on my own, I went back to the Charles bridge, I wandered around the square again, collected souvenirs, tried Czech poutine (unfortunately would not recommend) and took a leap of faith, and visited for a little something that will keep the travel inspiration with me while I continue on my journey to find myself.

Iceland was my bucket list country, but Prague you were supposed to be where I did my exchange, I’m beyond happy I still made it, I’m beyond happy it was you who was Czech(ing) me out at the end of my trip and that I ended my travels here, I left some of my heart here, though I know I could have left more. This is another place I will be back to one day.

My travels officially wrapped up in London and Barbados, until then…

In safe travels,


Meg XX

Study Abroad they Said….

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I’ve written about Iceland before, heck it was my bucket list country, so really there isn’t much more to write about now. So let’s take a slightly different route here and let me tell you a few things. Being abroad or out of your own country will bring about some of the most roller coaster emotions, but they are emotions you won’t ever turn on. It will be liberating, and worth it, exciting and some days you will miss home, but take the experiences as they come. If you have things on your bucket list cross them off.

I’ve taken my year abroad to start crossing things off my bucket list, Iceland being one of them, and I really haven’t stopped. I said before I left that I may not return from Iceland, heck I’m born Canadian, I have a love for the snow, but this year abroad is about finding me, taking chances and discovering where I want to go.

When I left Canada, I was in a committed relationship – I had been with a guy for 3 years, we talked about things more seriously, we wanted a family, to be together and to build our relationship, but after 4 weeks away out of the blue he ended it. I wanted to pick up and go back to Canada, there was nothing I could do from so far away and I wanted to be home to change things and work them out, this isn’t what I wanted…. and then I thought, our relationship had been built on long distance, so what changed, yes more miles between us, yes, we couldn’t see each other every 6-8 weeks, but if we truly meant the things that we said, it shouldn’t have mattered. So though I was absolutely devastated, I changed my mindset and I decided I was going to discover myself and that’s what I’ve done.

Catch flights not feelings

So if you want to read about Iceland, click here, and if you are thinking about studying abroad or going abroad, read what I’ve written about that here.

Go, get out there, have fun.. Real experiences begin at the end of your comfort zone!IMG_6089

Stay Determined, Okay?

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Wow it’s been two and a half months since I was in Spain, and I have been slacking on keeping up with my travels because in less than a week I’m heading out on another trip to Guyana and I have a few more trips book after that. Europe didn’t end in Spain either, the best was yet to come after Spain in fact. Iceland and the Czech Republic came after and well those were two of my bucket list Countries that I saved for the end because well I was most excited to get to those. I spent 5 days in Iceland and 4 in Prague, but I’ll get to those so just wait.

So Spain. I arrived in Spain pretty late, which was typical with a lot of my flights for a number fo reasons, they were first of all cheaper, and two, it gave me more time in the cities because I slept on the plane and arrived ready to “party” that night or just hangout and the ready to go the next morning. When we got off the plane, some how EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WHOLE PLANE GOT OFF AT THE WRONG TERMINAL AND HAD TO GO FIND THEIR LUGGAGE IN ANOTHER AREA OF THE AIRPORT… To which we snuck back through the exit of a terminal to the baggage carousel to grab out bags and well on I went.

The first taxi driver tried to charge me a million dollars, literally to get to my place, and the next one was a million dollars cheaper.. Yes, I may be foreign but no I am not falling for your trap, I will just keep looking “GOOD BYE”


My first night was nothing as exciting as the rest of my trip had been. By the time I got to my hostel, I honestly crashed for the night. There weren’t really any people hanging out in the bar area, so I didn’t make an effort, but sometimes everyone just needs that alone time. I got up the next morning and joined the walking tour and THIS TIME IT LEFT FROM THE HOSTEL. 

This free walking tour was quite interesting. It took us through the gothic quarter which had some very interesting history.

Santa Eulalia- a 13 year old Roman girl suffered 13 different tortures including being put into a barrel with knives and glissando rolled down a street, which has now been named after her, to which we walked down on this tour. 26733364_971949482959716_1590380429879736468_n

Following the walk, I took off with a group of Canadians from Newfoundland, and had lunch and then continued to tour Spain. Our first stop was the Arc De Triomf, where I sent snaps to my friends and told them I was back in Trinidad and they just laughed at me and told me to stop lying.

Meg you’re not funny

Is what most would say, probably because they frequently got messages like this from me on this trip.

But common, it was sunny, and hot and well just pretty. I couldn’t help it.

Next up we visited Sagrada Familia, and yes we paid full price, well the student full price, but apparently if you go after 5pm there’s an additional discount. So there’s you Spain tip my friends.

The most beautiful building in Barcelona, still being built after 600 years because there were many different contractors working on it and many of them have passed away while building it, so estimated to be finished in a few years. Worth the money so attend.

Finally, the Balearic Sea. Yes my crazy ass went in the Balearic sea on January 11th in Barcelona Spain. Just as crazy and going in the Mediterranean Sea on January 3rd, so what’s the difference.

Honestly January 12th, was a complete upset. I went out and was expecting more and was just disappointed, but my night was better. I decided to put myself out there and hung out around the bar and a group of guys were playing pool, so we decided to talk to each other like normal humans should. Making friends while travelling is what we should be doing. This is how you make life long friends.

They tried to get me to play pool with them and I wasn’t about to show them up ;). I played beer pong with a guy from who knows where now at this point, I think we’d all had a few drinks. We started out awful, but managed to pull up our socks and come out on top! And when the guys form the USA came back, they some how managed to convince me to play a game of pool (you go Glenn Coco)… I certainly let him win though, wasn’t going to force him to lose to a girl. The final great decision of the night was to go to the bar so none of us slept through our flights, because who doesn’t want to leave from the bar to head to the airport, so off we went. To the bar we went and we didn’t comeback until it was time to catch my flight to the country that was going to make me the happiest… and the coldest.


If we were meant to stay in one place we would have roots instead of feet

I’ve already written about Iceland, but I’ll add something a little more.


Until the next adventure,


and in safe travels. Spain was a blast, but Iceland will forever hold my heart.


Meg xx

#Chronicles of a girl who can cook part 2

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I was given the name ‘the (white) girl who can cook’ by the girls who live the floor over from me as your may have read in the last post Chronicles of the girl who can cook because I spend as much or more time in the kitchen than them making actual substantial meals and not just mac and cheese from a box or reheating left over pizza from 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I have shelf space in the fridge which I basically fought for and have claimed as my own because I actually buy groceries (hello people I do have to live here to). Except the perception seems to be skewed here, that the minority, aka us “white” people can’t cook, or we don’t cook, so we don’t need fridge space and we are a rare sighting in the kitchen.

Well folks you are mistaken and that is wrong. I actually enjoy cooking (and baking, to an extent) and when i do cook, it’d often something that will last for a few days, no not as left overs, but meal prepping.

So this weeks feature, homemade shepherds pie.


4 Medium Potatoes

1 Package Ground Meat – I use ground turkey because I don’t eat beef, but use whatever you prefer

1 can corn – sub other veggies or add other veggies as you choose, I usually add peas and carrots

1 package Turkey gravy

Salt and pepper to taste

1 clove garlic

2 Tsp milk

3 Tsp butter



I a large pot bring 6.5 cups water to a boil, add potatoes and boil until potatoes are soft enough to run a knife through without obstruction.

Meanwhile in a medium-large frying pan brown meat with clove of garlic. Drain.

Add corn and continue to brown.

In a small sauce pan make turkey gravy according to package details. Pour over meat and veggie mixture.

Once Potatoes are cooked, drain, add butter and milk and mash.

In large casserole dish, cover bottom of with meat and veggie mixture. Spoon potatoes on top covering evenly.

Top with cheese if desired and serve warm.


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One stays up all night, and gets onto the flight after a night of drinking and no sleep, arrives in Hungary, exactly that… Hungry…


This appeared to be a very good representation of exactly my mood on the very first day (mind you I didn’t take this until my last day, but funny nonetheless, and yes I am sitting on top of this sign eating a cake; Classic)

Hungary was really my first shot a travelling solo, minus my experiences in Trinidad – I arrived there alone, lost and new to everything around me, and it was the exact same in Hungary… Except in Trinidad I was staying for months, this let me foster friendships that I could build over time, I only had 3 days in Hungary.

After I caught some Zzzz’s I made my way to the dining area because there were social events going on, I joined in on a game of King’s cup and met some people, though I promise you I remember only 3 of their names.

Sarah, who happened to be from the same town as my home school and I made plans to go on the free walking tour that supposedly left from the hostel in the morning, so we figured that would be a good way to start our day… Little did we know it actually didn’t


leave from the hostel lobby and our day would begin some other way. When we got up and found out that we couldn’t actually go on the tour from the hostel we changed our minds and visited the Buda castle first thing instead, talk about living a Disney Princess life (and it didn’t end in Hungary either).

We rode up in a golf cart and saw the Charles bridge from the top of the Castle before heading back down to grab lunch because there was a second free walking tour that left in the afternoon – and it was still worth doing because this one took us on the Buda side and the Pest side and showed the divide between the City.


Our tour guide spoke amazing Hungarian aka Sarcasm, and was fantastic on the tour.

Both of the above statues are said to give good luck, the little boy to the left if you rub his knee and the officer if you rub his belly, but

don’t rub under the belt because that could land you in jail – tour guide

We like our Hungarian men “fatter” because that shows that they are dedicated to their women, it means they spend their time in the home rather than out in the gym or off with another women… So boys I’m sorry to tell you but put on the extra pounds because that’s what your girl is going to like – Tour Guide

She ended our tour having us walk the side of the castle (why didn’t Sarah and I think of that earlier), just 300 steps she says, but the view of the bridge in the darkness was phenomenal and worth the 600 stairs we had to take!

The next day consisted of tourist pictures and the thermal baths, what trip to Hungary is complete without either of those.. At least this time it wasn’t an all night trip at the bar before my flight, rather a relaxing time at the spas before I jetted off again to hit the beaches in Spain!

Thats it for this one.. Until the next adventure.


In safe travels,


Meg XX

It took me 6 months to get a working phone

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Today I gave in… I will have been abroad for 6 months tomorrow (because there is no February 29th), and today after 6 months, I finally gave in and bought myself a sim card.

When I left Canada, I had my Canadian phone held, I was a minority for the first time in my life. I moved to a country where I stood out, something I had never been in my life.  I planned to come here with only access to wifi. I knew it was going to be difficult to make this change. I would only be able to talk to my parents when I was home at night with wifi, but I was ready to make the adjustment and make these changes because I wanted a full experience and new change of being abroad.

IMG_2239I was ready to make a whole change on my life, re-brand myself and when I was coming home I wanted to be different than who I was when I left. This included the amount of time I spent on my phone. At home everything was at the tips of my fingers… I was coming to a third world, developing country, not everything was going to be at my finger tips and I wanted to fully experience this, but after 6 months this changed.

I opted to get a SIM card while I was in Europe, because I wasn’t staying anywhere long enough to develop the same connections and friendships that I was going to be able to make in Trinidad, so instead of winding up LOST, even though, being lost is half the fun, I didn’t want to be so lost I was stranded to never finding my way back, but that SIM card only gave me the ability to access internet services to use some data so that I could find my way and I made a deal with myself to still limit my using of it and mainly use it for google maps and looking things up.

I came back to Trinidad for a month and told myself that I had made it an entire semester without a phone, just because I had that luxury while I was in Europe did not mean I needed it again in Trinidad, and honestly I didn’t. Yes there were days when I went without internet, and sure data would have been beneficial, especially when I wanted to do assignments, or days that I wanted to be able to talk to my parents. Sure when I was going out with my friends and we wanted to go in two separate ways, having a phone to contact each other to meet up again would have been beneficial, but I adapted. I was living in a developing country I was already adapting to living, I didn’t have a lot of things and I was learning to live with minimal.

So what made me really change my mind….

I’ve been a victim of catcalling since I arrived here, it seems to be a cultural thing where people catcall those who were different and that they don’t often see on the streets. I was the minority, someone that the male population deemed “attractive” and “beautiful.”

I was walking home one night, feet from my place, after a meeting it was getting dark, but it wasn’t late. A car drove past me and I payed no attention, it drove a circle and came back and the man driving it start to whistle and yell “hello beautiful” out of his window, I still payed no attention to him. He kept driving and turned back around again, this time he asked me if I knew where some place was, I shook my head and kept walking. Again he turned around and came behind me, for the third time, this time he asked me to get into his car so he could continue to talk to me because he thought I was really pretty. NO THANK YOU, but i didn’t acknowledge him, and I kept walking. This was the first time that that someone has been this aggressive towards wanting to talk to me on the streets.

There was nothing I could do in this moment had the situation gone any further than where it was and where it ended, my phone did not work, he was in a car and I was walking, I was in a vulnerable position and in this moment decided that as a female, needed to ensure I put myself in a safe situation, where how I would get out of this another time, so today after 6 months I gave in and I got a SIM card, but let me tell you… I will still rarely use it to get the most out of my experience.


In safe travels!


Meg XX

Those who fly solo have the strongest wings

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Another super late arrival, this time, my Uber driver dropped me off on the side of the road to a hostel that no longer existed. I spent 40 minutes walking the street searching for where I was supposed to be staying. Luckily I purchased a SIM card with data in Amsterdam, or I really would have been stranded. I called 4 times and each time it rang and rang and rang and nobody ever picked up. I googled the place and nothing came up. It was nearly 2 am and I just wanted to put my bag down and not be on the streets.

I looked up something on Hostelworld, and the closest hostel was 30 minutes away, so I started to walk. I finally found Dream Hostel and prayed that I would go in and they would have a bed, at least for the night… I could sort out the rest of my stay in the morning, I lucked out though and was able to have the room until my next flight.

Finally, I could go to bed and just relax.

My first full day in Poland was January 6th, which I found out in the evening holds great significance. Epiphany, street parades, carolling, and the reenactment of the nativity scenes. I walked out onto the street and towards old town, and if you’ve ever been to Burger King in Canada and received one of the Cardboard crowns that they hand out, well that should give you a great picture as to what the hats looked like that everyone here was wearing. Confused and lost and unable to understand anything, I continued to walk, right into the viewing of the procession of 3 wise men who were handing out candy.

Why Epiphany?


The Christian feast that commemorates both the three wise kings visit to baby Jesus and well as Jesus’ baptism.








Once I finally made it through the crowds of people gathered for the public holiday, I


finally found the divide between old town and new town, just what I was looking for. The Polish castle. During the Invasion, old Town was destroyed, but was later rebuilt and therefore parts of Old Town are actually “newer” than New Town. This was only the start of the castle going, and it only got better from here, let the Princess life begin.

One however cannot be in Poland for any length of time and not have Pirogies, so let me assure you that I did not skip out on this one, and in fact I had Pirogies for breakfast and then again for dinner on my second day, absolutely worth it. Even more worth it with good company, so when the guy from Christmas in Trinidad says he’s coming to meet me in Poland, I certainly agree to see all I’ve already seen all over again with him.

If I did Poland over again, I’d keep the same friends you see there, welcome to the start of my official solo travels, until the next adventure.

Though, you never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you.

I honestly can’t begin to tell you how true those 18 words really are. Yes I got on every plane by myself and checked into every hostel by myself for the next 17 days, but there were people in every hostel like minded to me, waiting for other travellers to show up, looking for other people to meet and create adventures and memories with. So to those I met in Poland, thank you to being the first solo friends I made on my Europe adventure, you weren’t the last, but you officially lit the fire to keep me going. I never really was nerve to travel alone. I left Canada by myself 7 months earlier and moved abroad by myself, but you just added to where I was going, so thank you.


In safe travels,

Meg XX

You Crazy sun of a beach

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That’s right, next stop, the beach, the Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera… Nice, France. An afternoon flight landed us in France in the early evening with time to find our way to our hostel, get acquainted and grab some Nachos and a drink with the guy on the lower bunk next to us.

France also reminded me that just because I’m a born and raised Canadian, there’s a part of me the enjoys the warm weather, found when I moved to the island, and has grown on me since living in the Caribbean for 7 months so far. French weather meant no jackets for a few days and I was ready to not be so bundled up.

France was also the end of Pey’s travels and the beginning of my solo travels, so on the first day we fit the best of Nice into one day, but I revisited the sites that I wanted to spend more time at and others after she left. First stop, Crepes and thank you France for gluten free Crepes. Honestly the lady who served us, served us 2 more times after and would have known our order if we didn’t change our mind every time we went in.

Next stop beach, and I’m positive the locals though we were crazy because 2 Canadians and a Colombian put on bathing suits and swam in the Mediterranean sea on January 3rd 2018, to us it was warm and the water wasn’t that cold, but to the locals, it was still winter.

Not at


all disappointed by the view or the warmth of the weather, we headed to the castle, and took it upon ourselves to walk our way there because nobody pays for what you can get for free. We intended to see the waterfall, but little did we know it had started to dry up. So after all we had to find another picture perfect spot, which involved scaling the side of the restaurant deck because it was under construction to the ledge with nothing to hold onto except each other with every gush of wind hoping nobody fell over the edge. Worth it for the photos, and added to the stories we get to tell when we return to Ontario..albumtemp

Our next stop was down to the light house that you can see at the end of


the road pictured above…. We got all the way down there to barriers in front of it, but that hasn’t stopped us yet, so naturally we climbed over and under and got as close as we could because every picture speaks 1000 words, and the story to get to it speaks even more. We started to make our way back towards the beach and found the #ILOVENICE sign, and unlike in Amsterdam, you want a picture with the sign here, you have full rights to tell anyone near the sign to remove


themselves from your picture as the kind lady who was also taking pictures did to us, so we patiently waited and then told the guy who tried to sneak in to get out of ours. It seemed to be a common theme here and everyone took their turn at the sign instead of cramming in and having thousands of people in your picture. We spent time walking the streets before heading back to the beach to watch the sunset, and that was absolutely worth the stroll back down the rocky, sandy beach, “it is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.”


My favourite colour is sunset, and I have never met a sunset I didn’t like

There’s something about starting everyday on holidays with good food, so Crepes for breakfast every day just seemed right, I was now alone, excited to start my adventure in a new country by myself, sad that my Canadian best friend was leaving but looking forward to the Countries I had left to see.

My last day was spent at the marina, and wandering the streets looking at the Nice statues, nothing like those of Belgium, iconically peeing in the streets, but still naked.

My Next adventure involved cardboard crowns, a lot of polish, Pirogies, and a boy from Trinidad.

Until the next one, stay tuned and in safe travels,


Meg XX