Welcome to the East


I took a much needed break between finishing school and moving houses to provide the travel bug with a little fix before I can make for a longer trip and add some more stamps to my passport.

IMG_4194It started here… Hamilton International, an airport I’d never been to before so it really was a whole new adventure … on my way to the east coast, specifically Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I arrived in Halifax late Wednesday night, so that didn’t leave time for much to be done, but it did leave me the whole weekend. I stayed with family that I hadn’t seen in years, which made the trip that much better. I found my bearings on Thursday and didn’t do much. We got our nails done and went for lunch. I met my youngest cousin that lives out there, and her sisters, whom I’d met before but they were young.


Friday is when I really explored. We drove out to Peggy’s
cove, the iconic “what should I do in Halifax” landmark. We continued on to Mahone Bay and

then back to Dartmouth. We checked out Boondocks for dinner and then took a little tour of the area.

Saturday was spent at the market, and hanging out at the park with my cousins and Sunday we went to the beach.

I know this probably wasn’t what you were expecting considering my previous travel hunts. I usually do everything and anything and have much more of a story to tell, but this was a quick vacation and I plan to drive across Canada and do the rest of Nova Scotia, plus the province’s in full cover.

I ate more fish and chips on this adventure than I ever have in my entire life, and I can’t lie to you – I honestly loved it!


So here’s the thing, I know I’ve been slacking on giving insight and updates and I am sure there are still unclosed ties from my year abroad, so this summer I promise to close those all off, and keep this well up to date and even throughout my next year of school! Im back and refreshed so more content coming your way soon.


Until the next adventure, and in safe travels





Meg; xox

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