Life Back at the Homeland

Travel, University

Life really hasn’t stopped since I made my way to the airport on that Friday morning back in May. The emotions were flying, I said goodbye to great friends and one that I never wanted to say goodbye to. I came home and I haven’t stopped since.

The first two months home were horrible, not going to lie. Reverse culture shock is a real thing and I wasn’t ready to end my time abroad. I never wanted to be bored, I needed to fill my time again with something to do. I immediately started working at an old job. I then moved into my school house and lived there for the summer. It was lonely, all my friends were home for the summer and this was the first time I was facing head on that I was no longer in a relationship.


IMG_2590But i hung through it and I smiled. For the first time in a long time I was happier while I was away, and I was able to notice the difference.

I worked 3 jobs, I was driving back to my parents to work shifts, but I wasn’t staying. The drive was extensive but I needed to keep busy, I never really had down time while I was away and I just wasn’t ready to change that lifestyle again.


The summer rolled around and i dropped things back to one job, I needed the break in my time and I needed some self time. My job kept me busy and it grew with me, so much that I was able to accept 2 positions for the school year. I haven’t held a job through the school year since I was high school. I previously worked for Residence before I moved away, but not a normal full-time or even part-time job off campus.




I did a few things over the summer and made sure to take time for myself and catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in over a year. I didn’t understand Baseball but I took to the fields a few times for a fun night out. I turned twenty-two and celebrated with my campers over some cupcakes and laughs at what we had in store on that Wednesday. But other than that, I caught up on sleep and spent my time doing nothing but working, the routine I found myself in before I hope don a plane 16 months ago.



I’ve been back in a school routine for a month now and I feel as if I am back living the life I lived before I went away. I haven’t been doing the same things to fill my time that I did while I was abroad. My weekends aren’t filled with activities they are filled with school and more school. There seems to just be something about being in school in Canada that takes away from the things I want to do.



I can thoroughly say that I can’t wait to get on my next plane. I don’t know where it is going, but the adventure will be worthwhile.


Until the next time,


In safe travels xox


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