I’ll forever roam

Exchange, Travel, University

Trinidad and all 18 countries in between have been one blur of fun. My adventure here is ending, tomorrow morning in fact. My bags are packed, but I don’t know if I am really ready to go. It feels like just yesterday I was getting off a plane at 4am and finding my way through the streets by myself, in a country I had never been to. However, from my middle of the morning landing in Trinidad the adventures has never stopped. From having no power, no wifi, and no water to all the rain possibly imagined, to constant sun and no season’s changing I wouldn’t have traded my experiences for the world. I saw 19 countries in 9.5 months or 265 days if you wanted to know exactly how long I was gone, made countless friends and of course did things I never would have done in a year at home. My bank account has far less zero’s in it now, but my heart is filled with memories. So to all those who had some impact on this journey thank you, Canada may hold my heart because it gives me snow, but I’ve left my heart in places around the world.

Its a funny thing coming home, nothing changes, everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. you realise what has changed is you. 

My adventure isn’t over, really it has just started, and it doesn’t matter how far I wander, I will always be a Canadian girl, but this girl is ready to take on the world one passport stamp at a time.



Until the next one


In safe travels,

Meg XX

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