Prague was Czech(ing) me out

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This is a wrap everyone…  Well okay almost, I did go from Prague to to UK (London) for one night and then back to Barbados for a few hours before officially landing back in Trinidad, but Prague was the last place that I spent more than 24 hours in.

I had a pretty early trip to the airport but with everything factored into accounts, I wound up in Prague around dinner time, and this was the first time that the hostel I was staying at served Gluten free anything so dinner and a cider from the comfort of my slippers (o.k. not quite, I don’t even have slippers in Trinidad with me, but I didn’t have to bundle up to go find something to eat).

Much to my surprise though, this hostel was well booked with people, and they even upgraded my room (woo!). There was a large group of students there, young ones at that, but hey a way to make friends… Or not, later turned out they were kind of young..

My first day started out like any other in any other country, and I joined the free tour. Lucie from Good Prague Tours ran my tour, and it was fantastic! They ran a promotion for the Prague castle, and since I was living the Disney Princess life, and didn’t have any other plans and it was the end of my time in Europe, I went ahead and spent the money for the tour and it was 1000% worth it, read my review on trip advisor here.


Just a few things from Lucie

  1. If you need to find a house in Prague, someone will tell you to look for the “house with two armadillos” so for my Canadian friends, it’s not like at home where when you ask where you live, you’ll be told 123 Street Drive, it really is about as good as the directions I get in Trinidad… Cue directions from I guy I met just before Christmas – the Green house with Loud music…. and when I showed up, there was no green house (it was blue) and it was silent…
  2. If you don’t drink Beer, Prague or the Czech is not for you
  3. See number 2
  4. See number 3
  5. Continue to see the number above until you reach number 2….

She wasn’t wrong about number 2 though, Prague is supposed to be known for it’s beer, and she was shocked about my inability to drink it.

After lunch we headed up the castle. Honestly this whole trip really opened me up to the history of different countries and the interesting stories that these tour guides really can tell just to gain the interest of “tourists” to get them to want to continue to explore the world that is out there

Lucie timed our castle tour just right and we were up front and centre for Prague’s changing of the guards, which was neat because I had seen it during my 12 hours in London, but I actually couldn’t see anything, so being so close was rather cool!

The final stop was the John Lennon wall and the Charles Bridge, Lucie went above and beyond and brought spray paint for us to put something on the wall that would add to the graffiti already there.

I spent my next day on my own, I went back to the Charles bridge, I wandered around the square again, collected souvenirs, tried Czech poutine (unfortunately would not recommend) and took a leap of faith, and visited for a little something that will keep the travel inspiration with me while I continue on my journey to find myself.

Iceland was my bucket list country, but Prague you were supposed to be where I did my exchange, I’m beyond happy I still made it, I’m beyond happy it was you who was Czech(ing) me out at the end of my trip and that I ended my travels here, I left some of my heart here, though I know I could have left more. This is another place I will be back to one day.

My travels officially wrapped up in London and Barbados, until then…

In safe travels,


Meg XX

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