Study Abroad they Said….

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I’ve written about Iceland before, heck it was my bucket list country, so really there isn’t much more to write about now. So let’s take a slightly different route here and let me tell you a few things. Being abroad or out of your own country will bring about some of the most roller coaster emotions, but they are emotions you won’t ever turn on. It will be liberating, and worth it, exciting and some days you will miss home, but take the experiences as they come. If you have things on your bucket list cross them off.

I’ve taken my year abroad to start crossing things off my bucket list, Iceland being one of them, and I really haven’t stopped. I said before I left that I may not return from Iceland, heck I’m born Canadian, I have a love for the snow, but this year abroad is about finding me, taking chances and discovering where I want to go.

When I left Canada, I was in a committed relationship – I had been with a guy for 3 years, we talked about things more seriously, we wanted a family, to be together and to build our relationship, but after 4 weeks away out of the blue he ended it. I wanted to pick up and go back to Canada, there was nothing I could do from so far away and I wanted to be home to change things and work them out, this isn’t what I wanted…. and then I thought, our relationship had been built on long distance, so what changed, yes more miles between us, yes, we couldn’t see each other every 6-8 weeks, but if we truly meant the things that we said, it shouldn’t have mattered. So though I was absolutely devastated, I changed my mindset and I decided I was going to discover myself and that’s what I’ve done.

Catch flights not feelings

So if you want to read about Iceland, click here, and if you are thinking about studying abroad or going abroad, read what I’ve written about that here.

Go, get out there, have fun.. Real experiences begin at the end of your comfort zone!IMG_6089

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