Stay Determined, Okay?

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Wow it’s been two and a half months since I was in Spain, and I have been slacking on keeping up with my travels because in less than a week I’m heading out on another trip to Guyana and I have a few more trips book after that. Europe didn’t end in Spain either, the best was yet to come after Spain in fact. Iceland and the Czech Republic came after and well those were two of my bucket list Countries that I saved for the end because well I was most excited to get to those. I spent 5 days in Iceland and 4 in Prague, but I’ll get to those so just wait.

So Spain. I arrived in Spain pretty late, which was typical with a lot of my flights for a number fo reasons, they were first of all cheaper, and two, it gave me more time in the cities because I slept on the plane and arrived ready to “party” that night or just hangout and the ready to go the next morning. When we got off the plane, some how EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WHOLE PLANE GOT OFF AT THE WRONG TERMINAL AND HAD TO GO FIND THEIR LUGGAGE IN ANOTHER AREA OF THE AIRPORT… To which we snuck back through the exit of a terminal to the baggage carousel to grab out bags and well on I went.

The first taxi driver tried to charge me a million dollars, literally to get to my place, and the next one was a million dollars cheaper.. Yes, I may be foreign but no I am not falling for your trap, I will just keep looking “GOOD BYE”


My first night was nothing as exciting as the rest of my trip had been. By the time I got to my hostel, I honestly crashed for the night. There weren’t really any people hanging out in the bar area, so I didn’t make an effort, but sometimes everyone just needs that alone time. I got up the next morning and joined the walking tour and THIS TIME IT LEFT FROM THE HOSTEL. 

This free walking tour was quite interesting. It took us through the gothic quarter which had some very interesting history.

Santa Eulalia- a 13 year old Roman girl suffered 13 different tortures including being put into a barrel with knives and glissando rolled down a street, which has now been named after her, to which we walked down on this tour. 26733364_971949482959716_1590380429879736468_n

Following the walk, I took off with a group of Canadians from Newfoundland, and had lunch and then continued to tour Spain. Our first stop was the Arc De Triomf, where I sent snaps to my friends and told them I was back in Trinidad and they just laughed at me and told me to stop lying.

Meg you’re not funny

Is what most would say, probably because they frequently got messages like this from me on this trip.

But common, it was sunny, and hot and well just pretty. I couldn’t help it.

Next up we visited Sagrada Familia, and yes we paid full price, well the student full price, but apparently if you go after 5pm there’s an additional discount. So there’s you Spain tip my friends.

The most beautiful building in Barcelona, still being built after 600 years because there were many different contractors working on it and many of them have passed away while building it, so estimated to be finished in a few years. Worth the money so attend.

Finally, the Balearic Sea. Yes my crazy ass went in the Balearic sea on January 11th in Barcelona Spain. Just as crazy and going in the Mediterranean Sea on January 3rd, so what’s the difference.

Honestly January 12th, was a complete upset. I went out and was expecting more and was just disappointed, but my night was better. I decided to put myself out there and hung out around the bar and a group of guys were playing pool, so we decided to talk to each other like normal humans should. Making friends while travelling is what we should be doing. This is how you make life long friends.

They tried to get me to play pool with them and I wasn’t about to show them up ;). I played beer pong with a guy from who knows where now at this point, I think we’d all had a few drinks. We started out awful, but managed to pull up our socks and come out on top! And when the guys form the USA came back, they some how managed to convince me to play a game of pool (you go Glenn Coco)… I certainly let him win though, wasn’t going to force him to lose to a girl. The final great decision of the night was to go to the bar so none of us slept through our flights, because who doesn’t want to leave from the bar to head to the airport, so off we went. To the bar we went and we didn’t comeback until it was time to catch my flight to the country that was going to make me the happiest… and the coldest.


If we were meant to stay in one place we would have roots instead of feet

I’ve already written about Iceland, but I’ll add something a little more.


Until the next adventure,


and in safe travels. Spain was a blast, but Iceland will forever hold my heart.


Meg xx

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