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One stays up all night, and gets onto the flight after a night of drinking and no sleep, arrives in Hungary, exactly that… Hungry…


This appeared to be a very good representation of exactly my mood on the very first day (mind you I didn’t take this until my last day, but funny nonetheless, and yes I am sitting on top of this sign eating a cake; Classic)

Hungary was really my first shot a travelling solo, minus my experiences in Trinidad – I arrived there alone, lost and new to everything around me, and it was the exact same in Hungary… Except in Trinidad I was staying for months, this let me foster friendships that I could build over time, I only had 3 days in Hungary.

After I caught some Zzzz’s I made my way to the dining area because there were social events going on, I joined in on a game of King’s cup and met some people, though I promise you I remember only 3 of their names.

Sarah, who happened to be from the same town as my home school and I made plans to go on the free walking tour that supposedly left from the hostel in the morning, so we figured that would be a good way to start our day… Little did we know it actually didn’t


leave from the hostel lobby and our day would begin some other way. When we got up and found out that we couldn’t actually go on the tour from the hostel we changed our minds and visited the Buda castle first thing instead, talk about living a Disney Princess life (and it didn’t end in Hungary either).

We rode up in a golf cart and saw the Charles bridge from the top of the Castle before heading back down to grab lunch because there was a second free walking tour that left in the afternoon – and it was still worth doing because this one took us on the Buda side and the Pest side and showed the divide between the City.


Our tour guide spoke amazing Hungarian aka Sarcasm, and was fantastic on the tour.

Both of the above statues are said to give good luck, the little boy to the left if you rub his knee and the officer if you rub his belly, but

don’t rub under the belt because that could land you in jail – tour guide

We like our Hungarian men “fatter” because that shows that they are dedicated to their women, it means they spend their time in the home rather than out in the gym or off with another women… So boys I’m sorry to tell you but put on the extra pounds because that’s what your girl is going to like – Tour Guide

She ended our tour having us walk the side of the castle (why didn’t Sarah and I think of that earlier), just 300 steps she says, but the view of the bridge in the darkness was phenomenal and worth the 600 stairs we had to take!

The next day consisted of tourist pictures and the thermal baths, what trip to Hungary is complete without either of those.. At least this time it wasn’t an all night trip at the bar before my flight, rather a relaxing time at the spas before I jetted off again to hit the beaches in Spain!

Thats it for this one.. Until the next adventure.


In safe travels,


Meg XX

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