One day of Coal and 364 days of fun

Exchange, Travel, University

My 1 day of coal and 364 days of fun began on a plane where the flight attendant did about anything to laugh with us, including trying to serve us a beer when we specifically asked for ciders.

We arrived in Switzerland at almost midnight, dressed and ready to impress, we took the opportunity of getting ready at the airport before our flight in Belgium because we had to check out of our hostel early and we had a super late flight, only to arrive in Switzerland and find out that public transportation worked in the slightest on New Years Eve.

Our AIRBNB host offered to drop us in town because we wanted to do something, but that’s about as far as we would go with recommending said host, there was nothing around where he lived and the next day we walked 2 hours into an area of town where something might be open for something to do.

Kudos to McDonalds in Switzerland though for feeding these hungry girls bellies though with Gluten Free cheeseburgers, because after and awful Jagger shot with no chase, and the bar closing, we were STARVING.

We spent our New Years Day in Switzerland unfortunately not on the alps though that is what we wanted to do, and I will return to the Swiss Alps, but at the Harbour, hanging out and eating VERY expensive salads.


Waving goodbye to 2017, I have decided this will be a very good year, for it is only one day of coal and 364 days of fun. I think I will take my chances.

It certainly wasn’t the Alps but it will do, because really it was pretty.

There’s not much else to saw about Switzerland, other than we came, we saw, we left and one day I will return for my stamp and the Alps.


Until the next adventure,


Meg XX

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