I ate enough Frits to be a Belgian

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We thought we were flying from Amsterdam to Belgium, and we also thought our flight was at 8:07am, turns out both of those were wrong assumptions. Even though we booked our “flight” on the trusty sky scanner, we somehow ended up with a Train ticket, a flexible train ticket at that, which the lovely lady at the counter informed us of when we arrived 2 hours before departure… The next train leaves at 7:09am, platform 5

you mean we didn’t have to get up at 5:30 this morning and we didn’t have to be here 2 hours before we needed to leave….

So on the earlier train we went, to which we found out we could actually get off in Antwerp, which is where we were staying instead of going all the way to Brussel’s and then having to take another train back, made sense.

We arrived EARLY… Way to early, so we dropped our bags off and looked for something to eat. We found a small local pancake shop and breakfast was just what we were after.


We took advantage of the 3 day tram pass that we bought (which we did in almost every country we visited, honestly it was worth it when we tried to fit so many things into a shorter time).

Before even checking into our hostel we had seen Christmas markets (though they were nothing like the ones in Germany or Amsterdam) and the Sivilus Statue.



We were then able to head back to our hostel, and this is where the fun started. Thank you Boomerang hostel for allowing us to share a room with the man who organises his oranges in the window sill and doesn’t speak English, or Dutch or any language at that, and awkwardly sits in his bed staring across the room at anyone on the other side, so yes we very much avoided being in the room for longer than a few minutes at one time.

Dinner was an easy given, you don’t become a Belgian if you don’t eat Frits with mayo at least 3 times (so that’s exactly what we did).

Delicious if you ask me, and I continued to eat these along my adventures, and they are now a staple in my diet since I’ve returned.

Have I mentioned yet that my ear drum ruptured while I was travelling? We can thank Belgium and the only English speaking doctor in the Country for confirming this on the second day here, not that is clearly not how one wants to spend their vacation and certainly not what my bank account wanted either, but had I not gotten something to take the pain away, I think I would have rather cut my ear off with a butter knife, but if you really want to know the whole story about the whopping 175 Euros i spent on that hospital trip, click here.

We decided for our final day in Belgium we would head to Brussels for Belgian waffles, because Frits alone do not give you your citizenship, some laughs over the peeing statues and indulging in WAY TO MUCH CHOCOLATE.

This brings me to New Years Eve, but you’ll have to stay tuned because it wasn’t spent in Belgium and there’s a good story about it.

Until the next adventure,


Meg XX

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