The City of Sins

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After Christmas was over we headed to Amsterdam, Netherlands , the city of sins, the city of never tell your mother what you did here (don’t worry mom, if you read this, I told the honest truth in the whole thing, and I didn’t do anything that you would be ashamed of).

Our midday flight consisted of us spending most of our day at the airport because Germany was still closed, so we could at least eat at the airport, and use the wifi from the airport.

IMG_4792.JPGWe arrived in Amsterdam, with enough time to hit up a Gluten Free pizza place and wander the streets near the hostel for a bit.

Side note though, ever tried to climb a stair case at a 90 degree angle, spiralled and made for half a person, well add that to your bucket list and head to the Netherlands for just that experience.

Our plan to get up at 8 and hit the city, crashed when we woke up at 8am before the sun. I forgot the sun just doesn’t rise at a normal human time in Europe or other parts of the world. So we grabbed an extra hour of shut eye and then made our way through city.

.albumtempWe played Amsterdam just like we did London, we only had a day, and we needed to make the most of it. We grabbed a tram ticket and made our way around the city. First stop I (am)sterdam sign, even though there were thousands of other people on the sign and in our pictures, it is a must picture, and turned out to be a must picture in every city after that.

Luckily for us, Amsterdam still had their Christmas markets up, so we took a stroll through those, played tourist in the photo booth and then made way to the next stop on the Amsterdam List, the flower markets.

Disappointed with what we found, but overjoyed to have found the cheese IMG_4774factory, we sampled every available flavour and then some (secretly hoping we wouldn’t have to buy anything for lunch) before heading to Dam Square, where our next location was the clog shoe, should be easy to spot right a yellow shoe on some corner… EXACTLY, there it was right outside of the clog shoe store.

Our pictures had only then begun to get even more creative, most people before us took photos of them with a single foot in the shoes as to resemble them wearing the shoe, but not us, we got right in the shoe, because .albumtemphey if the shoe fits right!

The last two stops we made were the Anne Frank house, the only thing we booked in advanced for the entirety of my trip in Europe, and would highly recommend booking. If you have any interest, you do have to book before you IMG_4815show up, but it’s simple and easy to book online and it was worth the 9 Euros that we paid.

Finally, the stop I’m sure you were reading to find out if I made it to, the Red light District. No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a stroll down the canal that is the Red Light District, and sure if you’re into Coffeeshops – that is not drinking coffee, but herbal friendly and getting a good high, IMG_4807your trip would not be complete without a stop there too, but we skipped that part and ended our trip on the high note of taking a peep through the windows of the girls giving a show.

Next stop Belgium, stay tuned.


In safe Travels,


Meg XX

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