It’s the start… of something good

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I’ve been back from Europe for 4 weeks. It’s been eventful, but not eventful at the same time. I’d go back and do Europe all over again though if I had the time and the money.

Barbados wasn’t the greatest experience, the people I stayed with dropped me at the place I was staying in, but it was on someone else’s property, and nobody on the property would even talk to me. The kids on the property were up at 5:30 in the morning running around on the property yelling and screaming, so I decided that 6:15am was a good time to get up and start my day, even though I was going to be travelling for the rest of the day.

I saw some of the town, and then headed out to the airport. My flight was delayed 40 minutes (typical of an island flight, should have suspected this), but finally I was off, could not way to get to London. Arriving in London was exhilarating, I was ecstatic to be away from school, my best friend was waiting for me and I was trav.albumtempelling alone.

My experience at London immigration was nothing like my first experience at immigration in Trinidad or that in Barbados, the immigration officer told me to stay in the airport for the 12 hours even though it wasn’t a layover, but I convinced him that as a traveller I wanted to see the country as much as I could and he let me go, no questions asked. Once I found my way, I met up with best friend who I hadn’t seen in months. I became the quickest tourist that I could be, we didn’t have that long in London, and we wanted to see as much as we could before we flew out to Germany where our adventures began.

We ran around and saw the changing of the guards, Big Ben even though it was covered in scaffolding, we took photos in front of the sky wheel, in the phone booths and at the London Bridge and then we headed to the airport to take off to Germany.

When we arrived at the airport and when to check in we were told we had to check our bags, but it was “free” because it was the holiday season… Fine “Suzie” check my bag I guess, but that’s not what your website said, I was told my bag could be a carry on, Easy Jet, you are now Hard Jet..

We arrived late in Munich, Germany, so late that we couldn’t even get dinner somewhere near where we were staying. Read here to find out about Germany, and the trip we took to Austria to make up for it.


Check the blog shortly for the rest of my Europe trip.


In Safe travels,


Meg XX

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