The “R” Word should make your skin crawl too


I cringe every time I hear someone throw the “r” word (retard (ed)) into their sentence and day to say conversation. Someone isn’t *retarted* but rather differently abled, and it is important that as a society we accept this and realize the power of our words.

Those that are differently abled are not defined by their ability or inability. Just because one processes information differently than you, or uses wheels as their legs, an implant as their ears, an iPad or their hands as their voice does not make them retarted. Rather it makes them abled in a different way.

They’re just as abled as you are to do math, read and write in their own way. They may process a question or a sentence differently or take longer to respond, but they aren’t retarted.

Aside from using the “R” word to describe the differences between yourself and someone who is differently abled, the difficultness of the subject you’re currently studying is not retarted, the bus that was late is not retarted. The “R” word is a word that society needs to remove from their language, and it takes one person, one person to correct their friend every time they say it until they stop. One person to speak out to break down the stigma and berries of those differently abled to have them accepted by society without using the “R” word to describe who they are, and what they are capable of doing.

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