The Best of Grenada in 3 Days

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On a whim four crazy white girls bought plane tickets to Grenada

because Trinidad has an immense amounts of holidays so it was the perfect time to see another holiday. We arrived late and left early, spending three full days on the island.



So what did we do?

On Friday we went to the heart of Grenada and spent time exploring the fruit markets, fish market and local shops. We had a local creole lunch and then took a bus to Grand Anse beach (a beach a week – keeping up the bucket list). We spent the entire day on the beach and watched the sunset from the water. I was very much “paradise found.”

On Saturday morning our AirBNB host brought us local fishcakes and bread from a bakery for breakfast; she was honestly the sweetest lady. Her husband George took us to see Fort Frederick, where we looked out over the cities top. He dropped us off at Annandale waterfall, in the pouring rain where we spent the middle of our day. When the rain finally held off, we took back to town for lunch again and wandered back through the town before heading back to our place.






The main attraction we wanted to check off while we were away was snorkelling the Underwater Sculpture park – Howard the boat driver offered to pick us up at our place and drive us to the meeting spot for the

tour. Though it rained for most of the tour, it wasn’t really noticeable in the water, but it was freezing cold on the boat. The stories behind the sculptures were very interesting and explained well, and the opportunity to see the fish and everything in the preserved parts of the sea was a great experience.

We spent the afternoon being given a tour by a friendly soul. He first took us to Grand Etang which was previously a volcano that had erupted leaving just a water crater. We then stopped at Pearl Beach – a black beach; though unable to swim because of the under tow.


We swam for a few hours in Levera Beach before going back home to do school work (who does this on vacation, but students with midterms).




Grenada was a fantastic second Island to visit and one day I will be back!

I followed my heart and it lead me to the beach


Until the next adventure xox



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