Stay Salty


It’s almost the end of week 3 abroad, but week two ended on quite the adventure. I ventured off with 4 other exchange (none of whom I knew 18 days ago) to ZipItt for a zip lining adventure! It was exhilarating to say the least. Trinidad and Tobago has Maxi’s not buses, so our adventure started on a red maxi from the edge of campus to the terminal point in the Port of Spain, where we hoped on the Yellow line, which took us to Chaguaramas. On the maxi for about 15 we minutes we decided it be best we ask the driver where we should get off… at the end of a dirt road, no civilization in site.

There’s no taxi’s here

The Maxi driver informed us that we’d have to hike up this hill to the end, which could take all day… At the very least we were on some kid of adventure. We thought we’d wait and see if there was someone to ask, and luckily within seconds a police officer drove past, and we stopped him to ask if there was any other way to get to the place. They just kind of laughed at us, 5 girls who thought they could get a taxi, we really must not be from around here, so “can you all fit in here” he says, and we squish. Illegal hey, not much is done by the rules here.



An 8-line course, through the rainforest for $22 Canadian, how can one say no. You can’t find a course for close to that in Canada even when you’re looking for the sketchiest of places, and this place had awesome reviews. The staff was amazing, they ensured that not one of us was left behind and that everyone was comfortable.


Hotdogs on the beach for $12TT ($2.15CAN) their items may be expensive, but it’s really cheaper for most things, and then an adventure down to Macqueripe Bay for a quick swim! A beautiful one at that, but that seems to be a common theme here with nice beaches, especially when compared to that of those in Canada (those that don’t really exist).

Tropical state of mind

I have to say, a beach a week isn’t going to be a hard bucket list item to cross off. So far it’s been pretty easy and this time, the rain stayed far away for us! Doesn’t that just make you want to hop on a plane and find such a beautiful beach.




Until the next adventure


Meg xox

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