Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls

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and that’s a wrap… almost. I’ve been abroad 8 days now and nearly completed an entire weeks worth of classes and to say the least it’s been exciting. I’ve already packed so many things into the such short time just getting to know the city and the surrounding area but that’s what it’s supposed to be like isn’t it?


thus far i’ve found classes to be very opposite to classes at home and in more ways than what I was prepared for. Not only does every here have a very thick accent so already is it difficult to understand some people, but professors then speak at an immaculate rate, so here I am already standing out enough because I am the only white person in the class but also sitting front row so I can atleast try to hear and make out 50% of what is being said; praying that when they say their slides will be posted they mean it seeing as we have all had that one professor that has said those words and NEVER followed through.

There certainly is still some getting used to – why are language classes happening in an engineering building? Why do I only have evening classes – and yes friends that’s a big one, even though it’s the same luck of the draw pick your own schedule type deal as home, I’ve never had all evening classes and this is not an easy adjustment.

Until next time, enjoy some pictures of my most recent adventures around campus and to Maracas Bay where yes we ate shark.


Until the Next Adventure


Meg xox

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