Dietary Restrictions Scare you? Still eat the foods you Love

Gluten Free

Being gluten free (not by choice, but for testing of medical concerns), non-red meat eating, peanut allergic, iron deficient, low B-12 individual is difficult all around. Find daily nutritional options that accommodate to all my dietary restrictions is overwhelming, and hard to do. On a daily basis I find it ever so difficult to make a meal for 1 that is gluten free, with a high source of iron and B-12 that still has a good source of protein that isn’t red meat or nuts.

Meals typically and often include chicken, broccoli, quinoa, gluten free couscous, and other veggies, but in long days of class, eat at the campus cafeteria isn’t an option, not only do I find the food not very good, but also unhealthy and very limited options. I’m a beginner meal planner, and typically make extras of any meal and freeze them. I’m also a huge fan of my crock pot and steamer, but how do I get by?

I pinterest, and I do it often. I keyword all my searches and alter meals that I find. I pinterest my food in 2 different boards, meals that are already gluten free, and meals that I would love to try, that need to be altered in some form.

I experiment with what I can throw together, especially in terms of vegetables and fruits. I hate texture, fresh blueberries, 100% no go, frozen blueberries in a smoothie; better, blueberry yogurt without fruit chunks, that’s my language. Leafy greens, another struggle, someone with such dietary restrictions as you can imagine, eats many salads, and like any food, I get bored, QUICK. Smoothies are always a great option, and I typically include spinach, fruit, protein powder and water, or orange juice and flax seeds, among whatever else I am feeling on a typical morning.


Lately, I’ve been trying to find alternatives to snacks, I’m also not a fan of spicy, but Costco’s Jalapeño Greek Yogurt Dip and Rice crackers, is my new favourite thing. Along with Zucchini bread, a vegetable I could never eat on its own. Who says I actually have to like zucchini to enjoy zucchini bread (don’t let this double chocolate chip loaf fool you, there are 2 whole zucchini’s in here).

Another staple has since become spaghetti squash (don’t let people tell you it is good on its own, you need something more than a bit of butter on that, unless strong flavours are your thing). In fact, over the Christmas holidays, I even managed to convince my no vegetable eating boyfriend, to eat spaghetti squash with me, maybe because I added chicken parmesan to it, but none the less everyone enjoyed dinner.

I adapt, sometimes it can be difficult and draining, and it makes meals something I dread, but I have to fuel my body some way, and I can still do it with the things I enjoy, I just have to be creative.

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