Escape the Ordinary

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Day 26 was a ‘banga’ day (you’d think I was Australian, or at least in the land down under) it was on day 26 that I found paradise, and by found paradise, I mean hiked a forest roughed it out and was in awe at the end with what I saw.

There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this

If there is one thing I haven’t been while I have been away it is bored! Finding that perfect balance between social and academic is difficult as a University student when you’re away from home, it’s certainly not any easier, and if I must say, much harder when you are abroad. Out there somewhere is that exact balance you need of fun and classroom, you just need to know how to make it.

I started to create my balance before I left home and I can attest that has made a world of a difference. I made a pact with myself that I would buckle down as soon as the semester began and wouldn’t let myself get behind – I have in fact read all my readings for all my classes in less than 4 weeks, you to can do it if you redirect your mind set. It really is all about what you want you time abroad to look like. Sure my GPA isn’t affected by the marks I receive while I’m abroad, but that doesn’t mean one day when I decide I want to go to grad school that they won’t want to check out the marks I got while I was abroad. So, I made a list after the first week of classes was over, just as I would had I been at home of all the readings that I needed to have done and what weeks they were for and all my assignments and when they are do and I colour coded it so that I know which class each task belongs to.

It’s my own responsibility to keep on top of my tasks though and nobody else. Even though I don’t have 3 calendars hanging in my room like I would at home, I’ve made my single agenda work wonders for me. How did I go from using an agenda and 4 whiteboard calendars to just an agenda; here’s a few of the things I’ve done.

  1. I bought a sectioned agenda – large month squares, lined weekly boxes and stickers!
  2. I made sure it had space for lists – this agenda has space for a to-do list and a ‘not to do list’ but I’ve been using them both to just write down things I need to get done. It also has space for a bucket list so instead of loosing mine on another piece of paper, it’s right in one spot and I can add to it and check things off as I complete them! It has a section at the back of grid paper, I used one sheet to draw out my calendar for the semester for my classes (i’ll use the back of it for the next semester), a second sheet to write out all my semester work (again I’ll use the back for next semester) and there are still pages left!
  3. I gave every class a certain colour
  4. In the monthly boxes I wrote out what assignments and tests are coming up and how much they are worth
  5. In the weekly section I wrote out what I have going on each day and from exactly what time – classes are written out in their respective colour with any corresponding assignments and anything else is written in black. I’ve also been keeping track of any adventure’s I’ve been going on in this section for when I return home so that I can share them with family and friends

I’ve divided this agenda up into what my individual calendars would be used for.

Using this for organization and keeping myself to a schedule has allowed me to keep my weekends free to see the world around me and I wouldn’t want to miss any of it.

So back to it, day 26 was whimsical, I’ve never seen such an exhilarating site ever! We hiked the tallest waterfall in Trinidad and Tobago, an altitude of 91.5 meters, taking hundreds of photos along the way, but put a camera in the hands of foreigner and you shouldn’t expect anything but exactly that. I was completely in awe by the sight of the waterfalls. It compared in no way to the waterfalls I’ve hiked in Canada, and at this point I wouldn’t even consider the walk to the falls behind Brock University anything compared to the walk to these.


We past many sites of candles placed along the path for spiritual worship where individuals came to pray. Any fruits in these locations were not to be touched as they were brought and left by the individuals who were worshiping at that specific site.


The hike allowed us to explore two sets of falls and other spurts of water cascading through the rainforest. Balata Waterfall which fell into jacuzzi like pools and the highest fall. The adventure was nothing short of amazing and absolutely breathtaking. 



And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul






Until the next adventure and in safe travels

Meg xox

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