5 Days to Christmas and I couldn’t feel less Christmassy


It’s five days to Christmas and honestly I’ve never felt less Christmassy in my life. There could be really a few explanations for this, but I certainly cannot put my finger on just one reason as to why I do not feel in the Christmas spirit. For many years Christmas was one of my favourite holidays. My parents may be divorced, and deep down that may cause hate for any holiday, because it really is just stressful having to split your time between two homes for the holiday, and rush through one Christmas to make it to the next. I’m 21 now; let me decide where I want to be at what time. I know how balance my time and I will make sure I split it equally, but that doesn’t have to mean at 2pm on Christmas day. So what makes this year different, because I can tell you, this year it has nothing to do with the fact that my parents are divorced, I’m not even going to be spending Christmas with my parents. In fact, I’m on my way to Europe, to spend Christmas with my best friend.

Maybe it’s because I’m so accustomed to having a White Christmas, and seeing snow and being frigidly cold for the weeks leading up to Christmas, but this year it’s five days to Christmas and I’m still on a beach. I’ve been on a beach since August, and that isn’t something I’ve ever been used to, nor have I been at a beach and swam in it as a study break on December 10th. Though Pey and I did visit the lame excuse St. Catharine’s has for a beach about a year ago during exam season for a study break, but it really just wasn’t the same thing. I haven’t left the beach in 5 months. So maybe that has something to do with why I don’t feel like I’m in the Christmas spirit yet.

Or maybe it’s because I didn’t decorate a Christmas tree. As much as I dread being in the same room as all of my siblings for the hour and a half that we spend decorating the tree, it’s also tradition and culture to decorate a Christmas tree, in the corner of our living room. The block in my hall put a small tree out to make us look festive and sure it looked Christmassy walking by it everyday, but we didn’t all get together and drink hot chocolate and decorate the tree together.

On a side note, I also haven’t had any hot cocoa or Christmas cookies yet. Taking mailed donations of both, search my about me for ways to contact me and I will provide you with my mailing address.

I can’t say it has anything to do with exams, it’s quite typical that I have an exam on the last day of the exam season, and that rang true again this year, well almost. My final exam was two days before the last day of exams were finished. So really this is no different than any year before, but it may still have something to do with why I still don’t feel like I’m in the Christmas spirit.

Presents. I didn’t wrap any and I didn’t buy any (really). I’m taking Pey a Christmas present to Europe, but the whole thing isn’t a surprise, we’ve been discussing different things that we are putting in each others present to find out things we miss and like or want to try. It’s not even wrapped, I found a small bag in the mini mart shop and figured it would keep everything together while I was flying and it was $0.72 Canadian so I bought it. I don’t usually buy gifts while I’m home because student budget, but I somehow end up wrapping a lot more gifts than I bargained for, but really it is all part of the Christmas tradition.

What I think it all comes down to are things I really miss most about Christmas, and the things I’m not doing in the normal way this year. But with an exchange comes many changes, and these just happen to be some. I’m off to see my best friend for the trip of a lifetime. I’ve had 21 Christmas’ at home, and when opportunity presents itself, you can never turn it down. There will always be another Christmas around the Christmas tree in Bowmanville somewhere; there won’t always be another Christmas in Germany.

Until the next adventure and safe travels,



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